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GameMaster of Server

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sun Aug 22, 2010 9:47 pm

All posts that are spam will be removed. ("Blah blah blah", "CRAB")
All posts not related to topic will be removed. ("I got a new TV today", "WAFFLES?!?")
All posts insulting other users will be removed. ("You are such a loser", "Go fck your Mom")
All aggressive or racist posts will be removed. ("He's a N****, what would you expect?")
All repetitive posts will be removed. ("It would be chaotic", "Yes, like he said, it would be chaotic")
All double posts will be removed. (i.e. You post something, and then post again, making 2 or more in a row)
All posts that are advertisements will be removed. ("Go to stupidstory.net!", "Buy a wide arrange of cooking pots at this store!")

Have too many posts removed and you will be warned, continue and be banned from the forums.

If you don't like it...
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Forum Rules
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